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The best lawyers are not generally the same people who are actively looking for jobs/responding to job advertisements.

Traditionally recruitment agencies would advertise job roles and gradually build up a database of contacts via networking and other methods. Whilst our agency used to do these things, in more recent times these activities (particularly advertising) have not been successful in yielding the high-quality lawyers our clients want. Coupled with that, our clients can and do advertise themselves, often in places where we would also advertise. We therefore do not think it is an efficient use of our time or resources to do something our clients can do better themselves.

We have therefore evolved into more of a search or headhunting firm, where we approach lawyers who are employed (usually in a competitor’s firm) on behalf of our clients. However, unlike a search firm, we don’t take money upfront for this service. Instead we do it on a contingent basis – i.e. we only get paid if a candidate introduced by us starts working with your firm.

We usually work in a very methodical way, e.g:

  • Taking full details of your job vacancy, including the work on offer, team information, typical working hours (as well as contractual hours), remuneration/benefits package and career structure;

  • Researching all suitable lawyers (in a local or national area, depending upon the vacancy) who meet the brief – using primary and secondary methods. We also have access to specialist legal search software which can do this for us very quickly;

  • Sharing our list of lawyers with you and agreeing on an approach method;

  • Making contact with lawyers you have chosen from the list (or added to the list) using the pre-agreed method;

  • Arranging interviews/informal meeting dates.

When the offer is made, we will coach the candidate through their resignation process/likely counter-offer and stay in touch with them regularly until they start working at your firm and for a period of at least three months after they’ve started.

Some highlighted deals from this method:

  • Commercial Property Partner (Solicitor)
  • In-House Corporate Counsel (Solicitor)
  • Head of Legal (Solicitor)
  • Head of Private Client (Legal Executive)
  • Tax & Trusts Practitioner (Chartered Tax Adviser)
  • Employment Associate Solicitor (Solicitor)

We agree our fee terms and conditions up front. We prefer to work like this on an exclusive agent basis, but on occasion do it when other agencies you’ve used have failed to come up with a solution to your hiring need.

Please note: we will decline to work on an assignment where there is a conflict of interest. An example of a conflict of interest is your firm wanting to make contact with a solicitor or other person working for another client of ours.

“I know that if Anna sends a candidate to me, they will be of good quality and are more likely than not to fit in with the ethos of my firm.”


“Has access to some of the best candidates for the vacancies we are trying to fill.”

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