Is your New Year resolution to move jobs?

Published On: January 5, 2016

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As one of your New Year Resolutions, have you decided to move to a new job? If so, you will likely have to find a recruitment consultant you trust to help you make a smooth transition to a new position.  Olsen Recruitment can help your transition from holding an initial meeting with you to arranging interviews and bringing your job search to a successful conclusion.

Olsen Recruitment’s approach

Olsen Recruitment prefers to follow a carefully thought-out, often slower process in finding you a job than many companies. Our aim is to get you into the best possible firm with the best possible alignment with your career goals.  As a result, we do not send out applications to multiple firms. Instead, we carefully target specific firms that match your requirements or that may be interested in you.


All your dealings with us are confidential.  We have a lot of very close relationships with client firms because of our dealings with particular partners or senior staff in those firms. If we feel that a there is a potential conflict of interest in helping you to move to a new position, we will advise you as such and politely ask that you to use a different consultant.

A full consultation with you

If we think we can help you (based upon market conditions of your practice area, salary aspirations and type of firm (or specific firm) you want to work for) ideally we will want to meet you face-to-face for a coffee, drink after work or over a spot of lunch (on us, of course!), and spend time with you to understand you and your situation. If a face-to-face meeting isn’t possible, the next best thing is a Skype or Facetime call.

Helping you choose a law firm to approach (or apply for a specific vacancy)

By having a meeting, you will be prompted to think about your overall career strategy and what you want to get out of your next move.  A chat with a recruiter can help you identify precisely what exactly you’re looking for in your next position and suggest a carefully selected number of firms to approach on your behalf.  Some things you may be directed to consider include:

  • Whether becoming an equity partner in the future is a key aim of yours
  • Whether climbing the career ladder is important (for example, to associateship and beyond)
  • The level of supervision, training and client contact that is important to you
  • The quality and type of work you want to do be doing (e.g. value of deals)
  • The work/life balance you aspire to have
  • Your salary aspirations

Help with your CV

A carefully tailored CV often makes the difference between securing an interview and not. Your CV should be tailored to a specific position if one is available or, if not, to a specific firm. Having the benefit of an experienced recruitment consultant review your document, can give you the edge.

Help with the interview process

Every interview process at every law firm is different. You can gain some insight into what the interview process/informal chat will be like for you and the particular position you are being considered for by using a recruitment consultant.  In addition, you will be provided with interview support and help with preparation.

Help with negotiating your offer of employment, consultancy or other arrangement

Offers, contracts or other forms of engagement can often be complicated. We can advise or suggest when and what to negotiate (including salary) with respect to an offer or contract.

Help with resigning

In an ideal world, we want you to leave your current firm on the best possible terms (and we believe that it’s possible, even if you’re moving to a direct competitor). This means we can coach you through a resignation (and likely counter-offer) and help ensure you maintain goodwill on all sides. In addition, due to our legal and HR background, we’re in an excellent position to help you with difficult and complex matters arising on receipt of a resignation such as garden leave, pay in lieu of notice, restrictive covenants etc.

Help during the notice period

You will be supported in making contact with the firm during your notice period and even attending training/parties with your future colleagues. When the day comes for you to join your new firm, you may be in a position where you have already built up contacts and maybe even the beginnings of new friendships in your new team to help you through the initial period when you’re learning all about your new firm and role within it.

A final word

If you’re interested in one of our vacancies or simply want to make a move, please contact us.

There’s no need to send us a CV as we don’t ask for one until we see some distinct reason or job possibility. And note we only advertise a selection of our vacancies on our website – ones that we can fill quickly never get posted; others are confidential and will not be posted.

A candidate’s use of a consultant is free

All candidates who use our services do so for free.  We receive payment for our work from our clients on a commission basis.

To get in touch and discuss your career in 2016, call 01603 516261 or 07960 743650.

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